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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.0.1 APK+SD Data (Android)

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.0.1 update February 25
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: The #1 Action FPS game is back on smartphone with a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wake of nuclear warfare, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group.


The #1 Action FPS game is back on smartphone with a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wake of nuclear warfare, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group.DIVE INTO THE MOST MEMORABLE ACTION SHOOTER EVER
☢ Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sides of the story by also playing the villain, Edward Page.
☢ Dominate the battlefield with a new tactical movement system!
☢ Wage war and take action all over the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona!
☢ Feel the chaos of war on the battlefield with console-like graphics, lifelike animations and dynamic objects.
☢ The first Gameloft title powered by the Havok Engine for amazing ragdoll effects. Warfare never felt so realistic!
☢ Improved sound & voice acting performed by a renowned studio in the movie industry.
☢ Forge your own gameplay profile online with an improved loadout system & over 20,000 weapon arrangements!
☢ A new specialization system with redesigned skills.
☢ Lead your character to the top of the online leaderboards with a new ranking system!

Download APK+SD Data:

Mod Mushroom Garden Seasons v1.4.8 APK (Android Game)

Mushroom Garden Seasons v1.4.8 Mod
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Have "Funghi" to yourself - all 365 days of the year!

Featuring special "Funghis" which appear according to the changing of the four seasons!!
#6 "European Winter"
All roads lead to Funghi.
Winter comes again and turn earth and sky into Funghi.

New gardening kits will be added via update.
nnf… nnf… (Please wait once you've completed them)
#1: December 2011 "Snow Mushroom Garden"
#2: Feb, 2012 "Love Mushroom Garden"
#3: Apr, 2012 "Cherry Blossom Mushroom Garden"
#4: Jun, 2012 "Rain Mushroom Garden"
#5: Aug, 2012 "Four Seasons Mushroom Garden"
#6: Dec, 2012 "European Winter Mushroom Garden"
#7: Mar, 2013 (planned) "?? Spring Mushroom Garden"
#8: Jun, 2013 (planned) "?? Summer Mushroom Garden"
#9: Sep, 2013 (planned) "?? Autumn Mushroom Garden"

You can use points earned in "Mushroom Garden Seasons" to get "wallpaper".
Of course the wallpaper illustrations are all super rare app images.
nnf… nnf… (We're preparing wallpaper for each season)

Give the log Funghi Food and watch your Funghis sprout up!
The feeling of swiping the grown Funghis to harvest them all at once is addictive!
Be careful - grown Funghis will wither away after time!!
nnf… nnf… (Withered Funghi is inedible even if boiled or cooked)


NOVA 2 HD APK + SD DATA (Android)


The ultimate sci-fi FPS is back! Get ready to step into a whole new level of gaming!Pocket Gamer - 9/10 + Gold Award: "(It replaces) its predecessor with sharper action, killer graphics, and the best multiplayer experience around."
IGN - 8.5/10 + Editor's Choice: "The controls are smooth, which helps so much when the action gets furious."
The AppEra: "N.O.V.A. 2 is simply the BEST FPS."
TouchGen: "Intense and highly addictive."
148apps: "N.O.V.A. 2 really does feel almost console worthy."
App Advice: "The best online multiplayer around with quick connection, and ten player battles."
- Meet new enemies with improved AI!
- Master a larger range of weapons & powers
- Much more diversified gameplay: run, shoot, fall, drive a motorbike, pilot a giant mech, and blast a laser
- The more, the merrier, now with up to 10 players in 10 multiplayer maps
- Build a career and rise through the multiplayer leaderboard
- Explore new locations, offering amazing graphics
- Enjoyed the first N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD? Be rewarded with extra bonuses.
6 years have passed since the events depicted in the first episode.
Humanity is now thrown into a bloody civil war fought on one side by the central government of the Terran Orbitals and the self-appointed Human-Alien Alliance; a new organization with a mysterious origin and agenda. Kal Wardin left active service in N.O.V.A. years ago and now lives among the colonists of the desert planet Scorpius.
But war never spares even the most peaceful places...
- 12 chapters taking you through hostile, yet amazing environments of various Orbitals
- Over a dozen weapons including the Dual Hand Guns, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Alien Plasma Gun, Alien Lightning Gun, Alien Laser Gun, Turrets, Frag Grenades and Mines
- 3 special powers: Freeze, Slow Time and Disc for melee combat
- A wide range of enemies with improved AI, for even more intense combats
- 1 to 10 players online or locally
- 5 modes: Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag and InstaGib
- Ranking & Perk systems
- 10 maps on which to battle it out
- Play against your friends or the entire world through Gameloft LIVE!
- Worldwide leaderboards in the game & on the official website,
If you played the first episode:
- Jump into multiplayer with bonus XP, allowing you access to advanced weaponry
- Unlock a special achievement on Gameloft LIVE!

How To Install: 
1) Install the Apk
2) Put The data to Gameloft/games/GloftN2HP
3) Download & Place that file to sd card/
4) Launch & Verify with the Carrier Network
5) Enjoy the HD gaming on your qvga android phones!


Pes 2012 Android games apk & sd files for free. Download Pro Evolution Soccer QVGA(240X320) & HVGA!! Latest!!

Description from Android Market:
PES 2012 – the unrivalled football experience on the Android platform!
Live the PES 2012 experience with your friends in the most connected edition of the best football game on smartphones! With two brand new games modes and full social networks integration: you will never play alone again.
Build your very own dream-team by purchasing the most wanted players in an on-going league. Want Ronaldo in your team? In PES 2012 you can!
Defy your friends by downloading their Super Challenge teams online to play against on your phone and post the score on your Facebook to claim bragging rights.
With an improved AI and goalkeepers behaviours, you will soon find out why expensive players are worth every penny with dedicated high-end animations and a complete set of stats.
With added crowd jeers and cheers, all new stadium, official UEFA Champions league™ and Europa League™, Liga BBVA, Ligue 1 and much, much more!
With a flurry of content such classic national teams, 24 different balls, 6 varied environmental combinations such as rain and snow, exhibition mode and 3 different controls configurations: tinkering the perfect setup will never have been so fun.
Two special modes dedicated for these moments when you just have a few minutes to kill, in Quick Play you’ll be kicking in less than a minute, and in the brand new Free Kick Challenge you’ll be able to surpass your shooting skills with effects and touchscreen accuracy

1)Download & Extract the file containing Pes 12 QVGA & HGVA .apk & sd files
2) Copy the PES .apk to sd card & install
3) Then copy the sd files: ‘com.konami.pes2012’ folder in your sd-card/Android/data/ ……
That’s it! Now you can enjoy this fabulous football game on your android phone. For free!
Compatible Device List:
You can play Pes 2012 apk on your android phone, free! Play Pes 2012 apk on any android phone having Android 1.6 & up.
QVGA Devices: Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy fit, Galaxy 5, HTC Wildfire, Sony Ericson Xperia mini 10, Mini Pro etc. Sentinel 3: Homeworld apk
HVGA Devices: Play Pes 2012 apk Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Ace, Vibrant; HTC Sensation, Hero, Desire, Desire HD (Ace), Desire S, Desire Z (G2, Vision), Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, Incredible 2, Incredible S, Inspire 4G, LG P990 Optimus 2X, P999 (Star, G2x), Revolution VS910, Optimus 3D P920, Thrill 4G (P925), P929; Motorola Droid X, Xoom; Sony-Ericsson SO-01C (Xperia Arc), Xperia Neo, Xperia Play.

WVGA Devices: Play Pes 2012 apk on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (P7100), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510), Acer Iconia Tab A500, Acer IconiaTab A501.


Asphalt 7: Heat v1.0.4 build 1041

Hit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest, most visually stunning edition of the famed Asphalt series.

Drive 60 different cars from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, including the legendary DeLorean.

Gear up to race on 15 tracks set in real cities around the world, including brand new tracks in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio.

The completely revamped multiplayer lets you take on up to 5 of your friends locally or online. Keep track of who’s the best with the new Asphalt Tracker that lets you compare stats, show off achievements and challenge rivals. You can also find new online opponents with the matchmaking system. Practice hard, because there are special events that will pit you against the best in the world!

Play however you please with 6 different game modes packed with 15 leagues and 150 different races.

Every car and track is more beautiful than ever thanks to graphics that push the limits of your device.

Acclaimed by both media and players, the Asphalt franchise has already attracted several million players worldwide... Come and join the ride!

For fans of racing, driving simulation and multiplayer Android games.

What's in this version: (Dec 21, 2012)
★Ready to hit the speed of heat once more?★
Gear up for the most exciting Asphalt update yet!
⚑ New special events with 2 wild Nissan challenges
⚐ New limited-time Nissan track through Tokyo
⚑ 2 brand new Nissan cars: the Juke nismo and Juke-R
Come, join the race and challenge the world!

SD location :

1.Install APK
2.Copy '' folder to 'sdcard/Android/Obb/' (If you have installed previous version no need to download main obb)
3.Extract patch 1041.OBB to 'sdcard/Android/Obb/' folder
4.Launch the game (run online@ 1st run) 


Redneck Revenge APK+Data Files

A new action adventure game by BULKYPIX(Dev's of well known Android game Aby Escape)

Requires Android:2.2 and Up

Version: 1.1.1


Flight Simulator 3D 1.2 (Android)

Overview: Flight Simulator 3D is a simple and fun simulation game for the Android platform. Choice of aircraft includes Hercules, Falcon, Boeing 747, F11 & DC3. Fly your aircraft across 6 terrains and explore the scenery.
Requirements: Android Device OS 2.3.3 and up
Price: $4.12

 **More updates for the Flight Simulator coming very soon!**

The Flight Simulator has now been updated to provide realistic terrains and a completely restructured menus.

Game features:
- Realistic graphics.
- Photo-realistic textures.
- Landing system.
- Physics/maths based flight control.
- Unique aircraft control.
- Physics driven explosion effects.
- No in-game advertisements!

Next updates should include:
- improved user interface
- cockpit view

flight simulation 3d has endured a lot of effort and time and with continuous development and positive feedback we will together build a unique experience.


flight simulation

What's New in Flight Simulator 3D version:
-- Completely reworked terrains.
-- Completely reworked menus.
-- New rotational camera controls.
-- Photo-realistic terrain textures.
-- Improved graphics.


DIE HARD v1.0 Android

DIE HARD v1.0 Android | Current Version: 1.0 | Requires Android: 2.2 and up | Category: Arcade and Action

Scanthing OCR 1.34 (Android)

Overview: Scanthing extracts text from pictures and documents and allows you to search for them by keywords on your phone using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and now playback the text using Text-To-Speech
Technology. Its the only Document Scanner you need.
Requirements: Android Device OS 2.2 and up
Price: $4.58

The best and most intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) App
on Android Play - as recognised by our users - just read the reviews!

“I use the app to scan newspaper and magazine articles, the conversion
to text is excellent if I need to reference the text in materials for
my students“ - Rachel Heath, Teacher

“Just used it to translate from a menu in Dutch to English in under 20
seconds whilst sitting in the restaurant, amazing!“ - Lucky Brekova,
Lover of Fine Dining

"As a person with very poor sight Scanthing gives me a third eye
meaning I can get on with my life wherever I am" - Steve Wright,
Partially Blind but very Active.

#EYESFREE - we are now pleased to announce that the latest version on
Play (1.3) supports technology specifically designed for the Blind. It
fully integrates into Android Talkback and Explore by touch. Users
can, with one click, capture and image, trigger OCR and then have the
text played back on the phone through text to speech.

Feature List:

* Capture your image using our dedicated camera, your mobile’s own
camera or an existing image from your gallery. Rotate and crop the
text you want to extract.
* Then extract the text using our powerful server-side OCR that runs
in the background so you can carry on using your phone.
* Using a Text-To-Speech Engine of your choice (we recommend IVONA)
you can play back the text, sentence by sentence directly through
* Scanthing will automatically recognise and extract contact
information, such as Telephone Numbers, Web URLs and Email Addresses
for easy, one click linking to other features on your phone such as
web browser, email client or your contacts database.
* Works with all printed typefaces, but please note it will not be
able to read your handwriting.
* Use with Google Translate on your phone to convert from one of the
33 languages we support to another.
* Fully secured HTTPS connection to our servers. We do not retain your
image or extracted text after processing.
* After Scan, search for your documents by just using a few keywords.
* Share image or extracted text by Email, Dropbox, Evernote, Google
Translate and other apps.
* Add more images to existing documents, see documents by thumbnails.
* Convert many documents at once in a batch, because the OCR
processing is done on our servers the performance of your phone is not
* Associate Tags with your documents and then use Tags to find
documents fast when your on the move.
* Support for 33 languages, just set your default version in the settings.
* The app itself has been translated to German, French, Spanish and
Russian. The Russian translation was kindly done by one of our users:
Алексей Ширшиков.

OCR Languages Supported:

What's New in Scanthing OCR version:
Important fixes for text recognition
Fix bug with Text-To-Speech


Need For Speed Shift v1.0.74+ sdcard data for android (with instructions)

Drive 20 cars, including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Pagani Zonda.
Experience the sweeping skylines of 18 tracks in inspiring international locations (Chicago, London, Tokyo) through day and night driving. See and feel roaring engines, squealing tires, and crunching collisions. Above all, get speed, speed, and more speed!
Fine tune performance with Top Speed, Acceleration, Tires, Suspension, and Nitrous upgrades. Add custom details like spoilers, rims, specialized paint jobs, and body kits.
Jump into Quick Race or dominate the circuit in Career Mode. Select 3 Difficulty Settings (Rookie, Pro or Veteran). Track your evolution with DRIVER PROFILE.
Grab hold and push it to the limit with the most visceral and aggressive racing game on Android!

How to install:
1:Extract the downloaded file using 7zip.
2:copy the extracted folder to sdcard\android\data
3:install any one of the apk inside the folder that you copied to sdcard\android\data
4:If one apk doesnt work try other one given in same folder

Love Gears v1.0.9 Android

Are you ready to hitch two love monsters together?

“Love Gears” is a unique and innovative puzzle game that would take your brain by storm. The game has been designed to be amazingly challenging and fun to play for those who are looking for sparkling new ways to challenge their intelligence, while they enjoy 54 different levels with colorful graphics and funny characters.

Games Collection For All Mobile Phones

Games Collection For All Mobile Phones
8 Different Collection | Best Games Ever Released | 3.07 GB

- Android.Druid
- Bad.Piggies.IPhone
- ChineseMobiles
- Chosen.Spetemper.Android
- Iphone.Big.Collection
- Java.Big.Collection
- LightAndroid.Games
- MIB3
- Nokia.Sympain3
- The.Sims.3.Android.All.Kinds
- TotalWar

5000 JAVA Games

5000 JAVA Games | 54MB
Java Games are games made for mobile in Java ME platform. The advantage is that these games can be ported to different platforms & from one vendor's phones to another's. The main constraint is the low memory of mobile phones. Due to this, steps need to be taken while developing the games to have the minimum game size as possible.

Generally Java â„¢ ME games are done in 2D but nowadays 3D games have become popular thanks to Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR-184).

MIDP 2.0 has a Game API that allows developers to create games in Java ME easily. MIDP 1.0 (all the Java ME models in the market) imposes some restrictions, unless the device has an Optional API like Nokia UI API.

Different classifications of Java ME games usually made are:

Board games
Action games
RPG strategy games
Card games
Sports games
Based on the number of players, the games are classified as single-player games & multiplayer games.

Multiplayer games are those in which two or more players are involved. They can be using a Bluetooth, SIP, or WAP connection.

Temple Run 2 HD[Android][iPod/ iPhone/ iPad]

| Temple Run 2 HD | Android Version and iPod/ iPhone/ iPad Version | English| 33Mbi |

►Description :
With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!

Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!

►Features :

★ Beautiful new graphics
★ Gorgeous new organic environments
★ New obstacles
★ More power ups
★ More achievements
★ Special powers for each character
★ Bigger monkey!!!

►Permissions :
This application has access to the following:

Network communication

Full network access
Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and other applications provide means to send data to the internet, so this permission is not required to send data to the internet.
Phone calls
Read phone status and identity
Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. This permission allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your SD card
Allows the app to write to the USB storage. Allows the app to write to the SD card.
System tools
Prevent tablet from sleeping prevent phone from sleeping
Allows the app to prevent the tablet from going to sleep. Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep.
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